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Celebrating Earth Day with Environmentally Conscious Toys

Celebrating Earth Day with Environmentally Conscious Toys

Happy Earth Day! April 22nd is a significant occasion to honour our planet and all its wonders. To celebrate Earth Day 2024, take action by considering eco-friendly toys for your little ones!

Introducing eco-friendly toys to your child is an excellent method to instill values of sustainability and environmental stewardship from an early age. Opting for sustainable toys not only ensures longevity due to their durability, but also guarantees that their materials are ethically sourced.

What is Earth Day?

Each year on April 22nd, individuals worldwide unite to celebrate Earth Day. Originating in 1970, Earth Day transformed into a global phenomenon by 1990. Today, over 1 billion people participate in Earth Day festivities.

Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Toys

  1. Coastal Clean-Up Train Set

Discover the fun of recycling with our Coastal Clean Up Train Set, comprised of 70 play pieces. As the train traverses through a giant sandcastle tunnel, beach huts, and sections of the beach; children learn about recycling. After the journey, kids can sort the magnetic pieces into appropriate recycling bins (cardboard, metal, plastic) or mix and match them in the recycling book – which is full of child-friendly recycling facts. Crafted from responsibly sourced rubberwood, this wooden train set embodies eco-friendliness.

  1. FSC Certified Toys

Our range of wooden toys is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), ensuring sustainability in wood harvesting. For every tree used in crafting our FSC® toys, a new one is planted or allowed to regenerate naturally.

Bigjigs Toys are proud to be certified with FSC® C147826. Our FSC® line includes the Rocking Rabbit, Sensory Blocks, Forest Stacker, Woodland Shape Puzzle, Hide and Seek Puzzle, and Rolling Activity Sorter. Embracing soft colour palettes suitable for all children, these sustainable wooden toys are perfect for your little ones!

  1. ZooBooKoo Magnet Book

Educate young learners about recycling through ZooBooKoo’s What Can We Recycle Magnet Book. Packed with sorting games and recycling information, this magnetic book engages children in learning about environmental conservation.

  1. Silicone Toys

An eco-conscious alternative to traditional plastic outdoor toys: our Silicone Buckets, Silicone Watering Can, Flexible Flyer, and Silicone Character Sand Moulds retain their shape even after squishing or bouncing. Made from quartz sand, silicone is a safer option for children and the environment, offering versatile play opportunities from sandcastle building to gardening.

  1. Eco Spade

Pairing perfectly with our Silicone toys, the Eco Spade is crafted from wheat fiber waste, providing a lightweight and Earth-friendly tool for beach or garden play.

Earth Day Activities

Enhance your Earth Day celebration with our downloadable Earth Day colouring sheet.