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Dimensions: W 45.01cm x H 13.49cm X L 3.99cm
Suitable for children from: 3 Years +
Brand: Bigjigs Toys
Barcode: 691621820070

Mancala is a two-player board game where the aim of the game is to collect more marbles than your opponent. This fun yet simple wooden board game comes with two rows of six holes and a long mancala at either end.

Wondering how to play mancala? Begin by placing the four stones into each hole (don’t include the mandalas). To decide who’s going first by flipping a coin or doing rock-paper-scissors. During their turn, players must collect all of the marbles in a hole on their side of the board and drop them, one by one, in the next holes in a counter-clockwise motion.

Players can place marbles in their own mancala (as it counts as a hole) but can’t put them into their opponent’s mancala. Players can also place their marbles in the holes on their opponent’s side. The game keeps on going until the players have no more marbles left, and it’s their opponent’s turn. Whoever collects the most marbles, wins.

Mancala games are a fun way to develop counting and hand/eye coordination skills. Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials. 

Mancala product features:

  • Traditional mancala game with marbles
  • Two player wooden board game
  • Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials
  • 2cm H x 44.5cm W x 12.7cm D
  • 3 years +